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Organize meetings with Outlook

Conceptual images of meeting organizer, attendees, and location with associated icons from Scheduling tab of Outlook meeting request

In Outlook, each "player" in the meeting is represented by an icon that you can see on the Scheduling tab of a meeting request.

Outlook meetings are activities you schedule in your calendar that involve inviting other people or reserving resources. The people involved have the following distinct titles and roles:

Meeting organizer    Whoever sets up a meeting becomes the meeting organizer. The organizer is the only person who can change the meeting details once it has been set up. Also, keep in mind that you can never assign a new organizer to an existing meeting. Once you're the organizer, you're always the organizer.

Attendee    Anyone who is invited to the meeting is considered an attendee. There are two categories of attendee: required and optional. Once an attendee is added to the attendee list, that person will always be considered an attendee for the meeting. Even if an attendee declines a meeting, he or she is still considered an attendee.

Location/Resource    The place the meeting will occur is the location, sometimes referred to as resource. How you specify a location (or resource) for the meeting will depend on how things are set up at your organization. We'll talk more about this in the "Location, location, location" section later on in this course.

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