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Organize meetings with Outlook

Forward command on Actions menu of meeting request

It's easy to forward a meeting request with the Forward command on the Actions menu. But the meeting organizer might not appreciate your action. Think before you forward.

Does someone else need to know about this meeting? It's possible to forward a meeting request to someone else. You should know that when you forward a meeting request, the person you forward it to will respond directly to the meeting organizer. That is, when that attendee responds to the meeting request, the meeting organizer will receive a message directly from that person — you'll be out of the loop.

Will the forwarded request be an unpleasant surprise to the organizer? Before you forward a meeting request, think about whether the meeting organizer will be inconvenienced by your actions. For example, think about these factors:

  • Are there space limitations for the meeting location?
  • Is there a cost associated with the meeting? (Is the organizer providing expensive handouts or lunch?)
  • Is the subject matter of the meeting likely to be controversial or confidential?

These are just a few thoughts. You may be aware of other issues that would make forwarding a bad idea. In these situations, it's best to ask the meeting organizer to add a new attendee rather than taking matters into your own hands.

For some meetings, an organizer may feel that the more, the merrier. In these cases, feel free to forward away.

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