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Organize meetings with Outlook

Meeting in calendar with reminder that was set by attendee; updated meeting request; reminder is overwritten by updated request

Callout 1 An appointment in the calendar with a reminder that was set by the attendee, not the meeting organizer.
Callout 2 The meeting organizer sends an update.
Callout 3 The reminder is overwritten.

Once you've accepted (or tentatively accepted) a meeting request, you'll have the ability to open and modify it in your own calendar — but you shouldn't. Remember, you don't own the meeting, so it's not really yours to change.

Opening the meeting to see its details is fine; however, it's bad practice to modify the details of a meeting that you don't own. Why? Because changes you make will be overwritten if the meeting organizer sends an updated request. That means that if you set a reminder for the meeting because the organizer didn't, your reminder will be overwritten if the meeting gets updated.

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