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Organize meetings with Outlook

Location box in meeting request

How you fill in the location for the meeting request will depend on how things are done at your company.

Logically enough, by filling in the Location box of the meeting request, you let everyone know where your meeting will be located. How this box gets filled in will also depend on how things are done at your company.

If your company uses Microsoft Exchange Server for its e-mail server, you may set up the location for your meeting by inviting the meeting room to your meeting — just as you would invite any other participant. You would do this by specifying that the invited room is a Resource. For more details about how things are set up at your workplace, you'll need to contact your systems administrator or other technical guru. Before this process can work, someone at your company must set up conference rooms as "users" on the system. We've included a link for information about how to do this in the Quick Reference Card at the end of this course.

If your company doesn't use Microsoft Exchange Server to handle conference room scheduling, you can specify a location for your meeting by simply typing the location of the meeting into the Location box of the Meeting Request. Remember that you may first need to check with an administrative assistant or write your name on a sign-up sheet outside of the conference room to reserve the room.

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