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Get to know your Outlook Calendar

Recurring appointment in calendar, and dialog box asking whether to open occurrence or series

When you open a recurring item from your Calendar, you'll be prompted whether you want to open just that one occurrence or whether you want to open the entire series.
Callout 1 Double-click the item to open it.
Callout 2 Select an option in the Open Recurring Item dialog box.

When you open a recurring calendar item to see its details or make changes to it, you'll see a message like the one in the picture, which gives you two options:

Open this occurrence     Choose this option when you want to change (or see) one instance of an appointment for a recurring calendar item without affecting the entire series of items. In this case, for example, you might want to exercise one half hour later than usual on one particular day.

Open the series     Choose this option to change any aspect of a recurring appointment for the entire series. You would select this option if, for example, you decided to permanently shift all instances of your "Exercise" appointment by half an hour.

If you want to change the recurrence pattern, click the Recurrence button in the open item.

Button image

Tips    Keep these in mind when you work with recurring items:

  • Don't delete a recurring item. Instead, change the "End by" time and update the item. This leaves you with a record of past occurrences.
  • You may need to schedule several different recurring calendar items to achieve the desired pattern for the "same" recurring entry. For example, if you want to set up a payday event that occurs on the 15th and the last day of the month, you would need to set up two recurring events for that.
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