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Manage your mailbox I: Find its size and trim it down

Clicking Mailbox Cleanup command on Tools menu; to open Mailbox Cleanup dialog box

The Mailbox Cleanup dialog box.

In this course, we've mentioned a few strategies for learning the size of your mailbox and for seeing the sizes of the messages inside it. We've also suggested some ways of moving or removing messages to reduce the overall size of your mailbox. Wish you could find all of these things in one place? Look no more. It's called Mailbox Cleanup, and you can get to it from the Tools menu in the main Outlook window.

You can click Mailbox Cleanup to start finding and dealing with e-mail messages in ways that will now be familiar to you. When you need to clean up your mailbox, Mailbox Cleanup is a good place to go. You'll get a chance to see Mailbox Cleanup for yourself in the practice (which is coming up next).

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