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Manage your mailbox I: Find its size and trim it down

Mailbox on server, storage files on person's own computer

It may seem as if your e-mail is already on your own computer because that's where you look at it. But often your e-mail resides on an e-mail server until you move it to a folder on your own computer.

Here's an example: If you use an Internet e-mail service such as Windows Live Hotmail or a server running Microsoft Exchange Server (as many large corporations do), your e-mail is probably stored on the server. With this scenario, one option for reducing mailbox size is to move messages to a storage folder on your own computer. That's what happens, for example, when you archive messages using the AutoArchive feature.

Still have questions about how this storage works? Don't worry; you'll learn more about storing messages in folders on your own computer later in this course series.

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