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Calendar II: See and use multiple calendars

After you select the calendars that you want to see, you then get to choose how you look at them. We just showed you how you can see multiple calendars side by side. In Outlook 2007, you can also choose to view calendars in overlay mode: a "transparent" mode that allows you to see how multiple schedules look as one.

When would this come in handy? Suppose you want to make sure you don't have conflicts between your work and your family calendars. With overlay mode you can do just that.

Here's another example: Perhaps you've subscribed to an Internet calendar that lists all of the game dates and times of your favorite sports team. Although you wouldn't want all of those events to be listed in your main calendar, it could be handy to stack up the two calendars to see when your schedule allows for you to see a few of the games.

Note In order to enter items (such as appointments or meetings) into a calendar in overlay mode, that calendar must be displayed on top. To make a calendar the topmost one, simply click its tab.

Click Play to see an animated example of switching between side-by-side and overlay modes and controlling which calendar is displayed on top.

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