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Manage your mailbox I: Find its size and trim it down

Two ways to empty Deleted Items: Options dialog box and right-click

We just talked about moving messages to folders on your own computer. Another way to move e-mail out of your mailbox is to delete it and then empty the Deleted Items folder.

Every time you delete an e-mail message, it goes into the Deleted Items folder, which usually resides on the server, not your computer. This folder can grow quickly, so you need to keep cleaning it out. Because you probably intended to get rid of deleted items in the first place, permanently tossing them out is a painless way to cut the bulk.

You can specify when and how you want your Deleted Items folder tidied up: You can tidy up automatically every time you exit Outlook, or you can do it manually whenever you like. In the picture, we've shown where in Outlook you'll do this emptying.

Callout 1 Tidy automatically: Click Options on the Tools menu in the main Outlook window. On the Other tab, select the Empty the Deleted Items folder upon exiting check box. Your mailbox will be trimmer in no time.
Callout 2 Tidy manually: If you prefer to have more control over when items are dumped from Deleted Items, you can empty the folder anytime you like with a simple right click.
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