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Manage the size of your mailbox

Rules and Alerts dialog with Adult Content and Junk Email check boxes selected

Don't respond to unsolicited e-mail messages. Throw them away.

Don't respond to junk messages or chain letters. Also, don't click links within this type of e-mail that say things such as "Click here to remove yourself from this mailing list." When you respond or click these "remove me" links, you're letting the sender know that there's someone at home at your e-mail address, and you're likely to encourage more of this type of junk e-mail.

Because junk e-mail and other unsolicited e-mail messages (also known as "spam") are becoming an increasingly big nuisance, Outlook has a number of features specifically designed to help you avoid it. The Quick Reference Card at the end of the course includes links to references about how to handle junk e-mail.

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