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Hear and see your contacts with Office Communicator

Call button initiates telephone call

Using the Call button to place an audio call.

Communicator 2007 provides a rich phone communication experience. For example, you can use the Contact List in Communicator 2007 to check the availability of contacts and then call them. There are several ways to call a contact in Communicator 2007:

  • Calling by using a single click    To make a one-click audio call, in the Contact List, click the Call button to the right of the contact name. You can also search for the contact name in the Search box and then, when the name appears in the Search Result pane, just click the Call button to the right of the name to call the contact.
  • Calling an optional number    If the contact is not available and you hold a Team or Personal Access Level, you can place the call to that person's optional phone numbers, for instance, a mobile phone number. To do so, click the arrow next to the Call button in the Contact List or in the Search Results window.
  • Searching for a number and calling it    You can also type the number you want to call in the Search box in the Communicator 2007 window. When the number appears in the Search Results window, click the Call button next to the number to make your call.

You can use Communicator 2007 to talk to your contacts even if you do not know their phone numbers. Each contact in your Contact List has a default number that you can call quickly. A contact's default number is determined in one of the three following ways:

  • If you have called the contact before, the default number will be the last number you used.
  • If you have not called the contact before, the default is either a contact's work number or a Communicator call number (computer-to-computer).
  • Contacts can manually choose their default number, such as their mobile phone or a hotel room.

Communicator 2007 also offers the flexibility to escalate an IM session to an audio call. This feature is useful when you are in an IM session and want to talk to the contact. For example, during an IM session with Sam, who is your colleague from the Product team, you realize that a voice chat would be faster and more effective. You suggest an audio call to Sam, and he agrees. Now you need to escalate your IM session to an audio call.

To escalate an IM session to an audio call, click the Call button in the IM Conversation window of Communicator 2007. If you are already in an IM session with a group, you can escalate that session to an audio call in a similar way.

Note    You can also make audio conference calls using Communicator 2007. This feature will be covered later in the course.

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