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Hyperlinks II: Link bars and image maps

Diagram of a FrontPage Web site on a Web server

If your Web server is running FrontPage Server Extensions, SharePoint Team Services, or Windows SharePoint Services, link bars will work properly when you publish them to the Web.

The second requirement for link bars has to do with how your Web server is configured.

In order for link bars to function properly when you publish your site to a Web server, the server must be running one of the following:

  • FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions from Microsoft.
  • SharePoint™ Team Services 1.0 from Microsoft.
  • Microsoft Windows® SharePoint Services.

These three technologies extend the functionality of the server, making it easy for you to add special features to your Web pages. Link bars is one feature they support. But they also allow you to use many other compelling features for your site.

To learn if your server is running one of these technologies, contact your Web site hosting company.

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