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Get to know your Outlook Calendar

Three ways to create an appointment: New Appointment toolbar button, New Appointment command on Actions menu, and New Appointment command on shortcut menu

Three different ways to create an appointment:
Callout 1 Use the New Appointment button on the Standard toolbar.
Callout 2 Use the New Appointment command on the Actions menu.
Callout 3 Click in the main Calendar grid to select the time for your appointment, right-click, and then click New Appointment on the shortcut menu.

Use an appointment when you want to show that you're busy but no one else in your organization is involved. You might enter an appointment to block out time in your calendar when you need to meet with a client, visit the dentist, or research a project you're working on.

Ways to create an appointment

One quick way to create an appointment (or any calendar entry, for that matter) is to select the desired time, right-click, and use the shortcut menu, as we've shown in the example at number 3 of the picture. We've also shown other ways to get started creating an appointment in your Calendar.

From there, you would fill in the details and then save the appointment in your Calendar. You'll get a chance to practice creating appointments (and meetings and events) in the practice session at the end of this lesson.

Tip    Did you know that you can drag a message from your Inbox to your Calendar to make it into a calendar entry? You’ll also do this in the practice session.

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