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Prepare a publication for commercial printing

5-3 Include fonts and graphics

The Pack and Go Wizard will embed fonts, include linked graphics, and create links for embedded graphics by default. If you don't want this, you need to clear the check boxes for these items in the Include Fonts and Graphics window of the wizard.

When you pack a publication, the Pack and Go Wizard can do the following things to better facilitate handing off your publication to a commercial printer.

  • Embed TrueType fonts    This option embeds all TrueType fonts in the publication so they can be used by your commercial printing service when they print your publication. This is an important consideration when you use custom fonts that your printer will likely not have. Publisher only embeds TrueType fonts, not PostScript fonts. If you used PostScript fonts in your publication, you will have to make sure that your printer has a licensed copy of these.
  • Include linked graphics    This option includes a copy of all linked graphics in the packed publication. Since linked graphics are not stored in the publication, you need to have the external linked file in order to print the graphic at full resolution.
  • Create links for embedded graphics    This option converts embedded graphics to linked graphics and includes the linked file in the packed publication. Using linked graphics instead of embedded graphics may be valuable in case your printing service needs to modify the graphic. They can modify the linked file, then update the modified link.
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