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Animations I: Preset and custom animation

Slide Design task pane with the No Animation item selected

Callout 1 Select No Animation to remove the scheme from thumbnails you've selected.
Callout 2 Click Apply to All Slides to remove the scheme from all slides.

To remove a scheme, do either of the following:

  • Remove from selected slides: Select the slides on the Slides tab, then click No Animation from within the list of animation schemes.
  • Remove from all slides: Select a slide on the Slides tab, click No Animation in the list of schemes, then click Apply to All Slides.

Note     Again, if you have more than one master, you'll also see an Apply to Master button — which removes the scheme from the slides that use the master of the selected slides.

You must remember this...

  • Schemes are designed for text that's within default text placeholders, the hatchmarked boxes you see in any of the text layouts in PowerPoint.
  • Schemes don't work for text boxes (shapes you add from the Drawing toolbar); these require custom animation.
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