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See and share multiple calendars

Share My Calendar command in Navigation Pane and Permissions tab of Calendar Properties dialog box

Fig. 1  To share your calendar, simply click Share My Calendar in the Calendar Navigation Pane.
Fig. 2  Set permission levels in the Calendar Properties dialog box.
Callout 1 Click Add to select the name of a person you want to share with.
Callout 2 Set the permission level for that person.

We said sharing was easy. Here's how easy it is: You would view your calendar, and on the Navigation Pane, under the Calendar folder, you would click Share My Calendar. Too bad you didn't have Outlook as a child—the concept of sharing might have been a little easier to grasp!

Next you would add the name of the person you want to share with, and you would set permissions. Permission levels that you would be likely to use for calendar sharing include:

Reviewer—Can read calendar entries but cannot create, modify, or delete them.

Author—Can read or create calendar entries, and can modify or delete only entries that the author has created.

Editor—Can read, create, modify, or delete all calendar entries, whether or not the editor has created them.

Once you'd given someone permission for your calendar, you'd need to let that person know.

Tip     A distribution list is an e-mail address that reaches more than one person. If your company Exchange Server uses distribution lists, you can share your calendar with all the people on a list by sharing it with the list name. However, if you have created personal distribution lists in your Contacts folder, you cannot share your calendar with those people by sharing it with those list names, because the server does not know about them.

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