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Get to know OneNote 2007

A paper notebook and OneNote sections

Callout 1 Section dividers in a paper notebook.
Callout 2 Section tabs in a OneNote notebook. You can have as many sections as you need.

A notebook is a container for a set of pages. Each notebook is divided into sections, and each section has pages. Think of it as being just like a paper notebook with section dividers and pages within each section. You can also have many notebooks; exactly how you organize your notes is up to you. Some examples are:

  • A notebook for clients, with a section for each client.
  • A notebook of lecture notes, with a section for each subject.
  • A notebook for personal projects, with a section for each project.
  • A notebook for recipes, with sections for soups, baked goods, entrees, and so on.

Notebooks and sections are right in front of you in OneNote; they're part of what you always see in the OneNote window.

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