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Combo boxes, list boxes, and other controls

Toolbox and form in Design view

Callout 1 The Toolbox provides controls for you to choose and add.
Callout 2 Design view is where you add and arrange controls.

If you want to add or change controls, you want to be in Design view. To get there, click the Design button Button image. This button is so useful, it appears on more than one toolbar.

Design view contains a dotted grid to help you move, resize, and arrange controls. Here too you will find the Toolbox, with which you can add controls ranging from check boxes to lists, from pictures to labels.

Design view is also where you can format the colors and lettering styles of controls, and where you set control properties, such as borders and margins.

After you add controls, you can set their properties, such as how many characters someone can type in a text box, and change their formatting.

However, Design view is not the place to check your work. To see your controls as others will see them, click the View button on the Form or Report toolbar. The button image varies: it is Button image for forms and Button image for reports.

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