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So that's how! Great Outlook Calendar features to make time work for you

Two images one of Inbox via Navigation Pane the other of Calendar via Navigation Pane

Seeing your calendar is like seeing your mail. Click the Calendar button, and the calendar and its contents are displayed in the main Outlook window.

Before you can get fancy and customize the look of dates and times in your calendar, you need to know how to find your calendar at all. To see the calendar in Microsoft Office Outlook 2003, click the Calendar button in the Navigation Pane.

When you switch to the calendar by using this method, Outlook shows other calendar-related options in the Navigation Pane. (If you have used earlier versions of Outlook, you may be familiar with another way of showing the calendar, by clicking its icon in the Folder List. Although your familiar method will work, the Navigation Pane will give you more calendar options when you use the Calendar button.)

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