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Prepare a publication for commercial printing

4-5 Find Details about a Problem

Callout 1 Click the arrow on the right of the item listed in the Design Checker task pane, and then click Explain.
Callout 2 The Design Checker launches a help topic that explains the problem.

In some cases you may not be sure what the nature and ramifications of a problem are. For any problem listed in the Design Checker task pane you can get a help topic that describes the following:

  • The nature of the problem
  • What happens when you use the automatic fix (if one is available)
  • How you can fix the problem manually

Using the information in the help topic, you can easily decide whether the problem is something you need to worry about. If you need to fix it, you also have the full information you need to determine whether the automatic fix will work or whether you need to fix it manually to get the result you want.

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