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Save time with templates

Click Play and see how to find templates on Office Online.

The steps for opening templates from the Office Online Web site are very similar. As the animation shows, you open the New Document window, but in this case you look in the area under Microsoft Office Online.

Click one of the categories to see thumbnails of all the templates offered. As with installed templates, a large preview of each is given. Some categories, such as Letters, have subcategories that you choose from — for example, Academic, Business, and Cover Letters.

To download one of the templates, you select the thumbnail and click Download. That's it. The template opens as a fresh new document on your computer for you to add to as you want and then save.

The original template is not changed; it remains on Office Online. However, a copy of the template itself is saved to your computer. If you want to use it again, you don't have to go to Office Online again. You can open it within the My Templates folder in Word. You'll see how in the practice session at the end of the lesson.

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