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Introduction to Office Communicator 2007

Conversation history in Outlook of instant messages in Communicator

Communicator 2007 stores old instant messages in Outlook 2007.

If you want to view instant messages that you sent or received, you can find old instant messages in two ways. If you know the contact who sent or received the message, right-click the name in your Contact List, and then click Find Previous Conversations. If you don't remember the contact, look at your conversation history.

To see your conversation history, click the Show menu button Button image, point to Tools, and then click View Conversation History. Communicator 2007 stores this information in Outlook 2007, in a folder called Conversation History. That folder is in your Mailbox, and you can open it directly from Outlook if you want.

To sort, search, organize, or delete your instant messages, use Outlook 2007. It's good at that sort of thing.

Note     You may have to turn on your conversation history. To do that, click the Show menu button Button image, point to Tools, and click Options. This option is in the Personal information manager section of the dialog box.

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