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Outlook and RSS: Internet information delivered to your Mailbox

RSS Feeds symbols on Web pages and computer with Outlook 2007

Hungry for news? RSS is a great way to get it.

When you add an RSS Feed to Outlook, you get news delivered to your Outlook Mailbox — hot off the press. What kind of news do you want? That's the best part: With RSS you get to choose. After you take the few simple steps we describe in this course, you can just sit back and wait for the news to come to you.

Not sure what RSS is? Also known as "Really Simple Syndication," it's an easy way for the people who create Web sites to send information to you. An RSS Feed is just an Internet address that tells Outlook (and other RSS readers) where to find new information from a particular site.

You'll know that a Web site offers RSS Feeds by looking for certain symbols: for example, the orange square Button image, or an orange button with the characters XML XML button or RSS RSS button. A Feed may contain daily top stories from a newspaper, weekly deliveries from your favorite celebrity columnist or blogger, or market updates by your favorite stock columnist.

But before you can see RSS Feed content in Outlook, you need to get the Feed. That's what we'll talk about next.

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