Extracting videos from offline courses

Office publishes its online training courses as PowerPoint 2020 files for use in offline scenarios such as corporate training systems. Users frequently ask if they can extract the videos from those PowerPoint files, and these steps explain how.

 Note    These steps assume you have downloaded a course and saved it to a network location or disk drive. For a list of links to the offline courses, see Download Office 2010 training.

To extract the videos

  1. After you download the PowerPoint file, change the filename extension from .pptx to .zip.
    To do so, in Windows Explorer, click the filename, pause for just a moment, then click the filename again. That makes the name writable. Change the extension and click outside the file name or press Enter.
  2. Confirm the name change.
  3. Double-click the changed file to open it.
    A list of files and folders appears.
  4. Open the \ppt folder, and then open the \media folder.
    The videos reside in the \media folder, and they're named Media1.wmv, and so on.
  5. Copy the videos and paste them to your local drive or other convenient location. You’ll probably want to rename the videos.
  6. To resume using the presentation, change the filename extension back to .pptx.

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