Excel 2007 training courses

A roadmap to Excel 2007 training:

1. Get familiar with Excel

Excel Up to speed with Excel 2007
The layout of the new design, how to accomplish everyday tasks in Excel 2007, and a bit about the new XML file formats
Excel Get to know Excel 2007: Create your first workbook
How to create a workbook, enter and edit text and numbers, and add rows or columns
Math operators Get to know Excel 2007: Enter formulas
How to enter simple formulas into worksheets, and how to make formulas update their results automatically
Dates in Excel Learn how to figure out dates using formulas in Excel 2007
How to find the number of days between dates, or the date after a number of workdays, or the date after a number of days, months, or years

2. Create charts in Excel

Excel chart Charts I: How to create a chart in Excel 2007
How to create a chart using the new Excel 2007 commands and make changes to a chart after you create it

3. Create PivotTable reports

A PivotTable report PivotTable I: Get started with PivotTable reports in Excel 2007
How PivotTable reports organize, summarize, and analyze your data to reveal its meanings. How to create a PivotTable report yourself — fast!
Filter on PivotTable report PivotTable II: Filter PivotTable report data in Excel 2007
How to filter to hide and display selected data in PivotTable reports
Numbers and a PivotTable report PivotTable III: Calculate data in PivotTable reports in Excel 2007
Power tools: how to summarize data by using summary functions other than SUM, such as COUNT and MAX. How to show data as a percentage of the total by using a custom calculation. How to create your own formulas in PivotTable reports.

4. Share data with other people

Hands reaching for data Share Excel data with others by exporting it to a SharePoint site
How to export data to your SharePoint, where more than one person at a time can make revisions to the data
Person looking at an Excel spreadsheet in Excel Services on the Web Excel Services I: The basics
What Excel Services is, and how to share data with others by publishing Excel spreadsheets to a SharePoint site based on SharePoint Server 2007 Enterprise
SharePoint permission groups: Owners, Members, Visitors, and Viewers Excel Services II: Requirements, recommendations, and permissions
How SharePoint permissions can be set so that some people can edit Excel Services spreadsheets, while other can only view them
A conceptual view of private data in an Excel spreadsheet. Excel Services III: Control what people see
How to share data in Excel services and at the same time, how to hide data that you do not want people to see
A conceptual image of entering data in Excel Services Excel Services IV: Allow user input
How to allow people to do calculations in Excel Services

5. Learn general Office skills

Keyboard Keyboard shortcuts in the 2007 Office system
The brand-new look of the 2007 Microsoft Office system, with new and easier ways to use the keyboard
A lock Security I: How the 2007 Office system helps you to stay safer
How to help protect your data, your computer, and yourself from risk
Learn how to turn off the Message Bar Security II: Turn off the Message Bar and run code safely
Learn how to turn off the Message Bar and its security warnings
Security images Security III: Sign your own macros for stronger security
Signing your own macros will reduce the number of security warnings you see while still maintaining a high security level
XML document Office Open XML I: Exploring the Office Open XML Formats
The new Office Open XML Formats, the basics of working with them, and the XML structure behind documents
Edit with and XML zip file Open XML II: Editing Documents in the XML
Learn the basics of how to edit document content and troubleshoot document issues directly in the XML

Note     You can also download shorter PowerPoint versions of some Excel 2007 and general office training courses and use them as training for yourself or a group.

And that's not all – the whole schmeer

Online training isn't just for Excel 2007. It's also available for the entire 2007 Microsoft Office system. Because the more you know, the better you do.

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