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Hear and see your contacts with Office Communicator

Communicator conference window with Live Meeting button and arrow highlighted

Escalate a Communicator conference to a Live Meeting.

On the day before the final launch, you are discussing the last-minute aspects of the launch with your team in an IM conference. In the middle of the discussion, you receive an e-mail message containing the final draft of the ad campaign. You want to show the final draft to the team, so you escalate the IM conference to a Microsoft Office Live Meeting conference.

If you need to share data, applications, or slides with your contacts, you can escalate a Communicator conference (IM, audio, or video) to a Live Meeting session without having to reinvite the participants.

To escalate a Communicator 2007 conference (IM, audio, or video) to a Live Meeting session, click the Share Information Using Live Meeting button in the upper-right corner of the Conversation window. After you join the Live Meeting, you can invite the conference participants to the session.

Note    If you don't have Live Meeting installed on your computer, you cannot see the options in Communicator 2007. Contact your IT administrator for assistance.

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