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Table of Contents II: Customize your TOC

Animation of how to change the TOC 1 style from black to blue.

You built a TOC for your document and it looks okay, but you want color in it — the same color as your document chapter titles and headings.

Here's how: On the References tab, you click Table of Contents in the Table of Contents group and then click Insert Table of Contents. Don't worry about the TOC that is already there; it will be replaced.

In the Table of Contents dialog box, make sure that the From template option is selected in the Formats box and then click Modify. Click TOC 1 in the Style dialog box to select the highest level, or Level 1, in the TOC, and then click Modify. The Modify Style dialog box opens: Use the Font color box in the Formatting section to change the color to blue.

After you click OK twice, look in the Print Preview area of the Table of Contents dialog box and you will see that TOC 1 (or Level 1) is now blue.

If you want to change TOC 2 (Level 2) or TOC 3 (Level 3) to be blue also, you would do the same procedure selecting TOC 2 or TOC 3 in the Style dialog box before proceeding to the Modify Style dialog box.

After you click the final OK, a message appears asking if you want to replace the TOC. Click OK and your entries will be blue.

Click Play to see an animated example of how to change the TOC 1 style from black to blue.

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