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Charts IV: Charts for the scientist

XY scatter chart with data from Hooke's law experiment

Use an XY scatter chart for plotting distance against weight.

Select your data in the worksheet. Then on the Insert menu, click Chart.

Next you have to select what chart type you want. In this case you're plotting distance against weight, so you need to select an XY (Scatter) chart. Follow the rest of the steps of the chart wizard.

Generally, a scatter chart is the way to go when plotting one set of data against another. The exception to this rule is if you are plotting something against time in units of greater than a day (days, months, years). Then the best chart type to use is a Line chart, keeping the time along the x-axis.

Note    If you are publishing your chart in a scientific publication, it should not have a plot area. Right-click the plot area, then click Clear.

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