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Customize keyboard shortcuts in Word

Keyboard and monitor, arrows from keyboard to monitor indicate that text has been inserted

Get rid of your mouse — create your own keyboard shortcuts.

Do you ever get annoyed that in the middle of typing you have to break off and use the mouse to click a menu command or a toolbar button? What if you could do it all from the keyboard? If you are a big Word user, then customized keyboard shortcuts could be great for you.

Perhaps you know about keyboard shortcuts, but the idea of remembering the exact keys to press is somewhat daunting. If you create your own keyboard shortcuts, you can set up key combinations that make sense to you.

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People who use Word typically use the keyboard a lot. There are many touch typists, but no "touch mousists." You can use lots of the built-in keyboard shortcuts, for example CTRL+S to save a document, or CTRL+B to make text bold, but it's even more useful that in Word you can create your own keyboard shortcuts.

You can assign commands, macros, fonts, AutoText, styles, or symbols to keyboard shortcuts.

As with other customizations, you can choose where to save keyboard shortcuts; for use in a particular document, a template, or all documents.

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