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Save time with templates

Finding and opening saved template

Another advantage of saving a template in the Trusted Templates folder is that Word then makes it very easy to find.

Callout 1 In the New Document window, click My templates.
Callout 2 Click the template you want.
Callout 3 Make sure that Document is selected on the lower right, under Create New, and then click OK. (This is the default setting because Word assumes that you want to open the template as a document that you would complete and save.)

Tip     You'll notice that there's an option in the New window to open the template in Template format. This opens a copy of the template as a template, which you can edit and save as a new version of the template. However, if you want to open the original template directly, for example, to edit it, there's a different method for doing that. See the next section.

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