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Introduction to Office Communicator 2007

Create a contact group or add a distribution group

Callout 1 Create a new contact group …
Callout 2 … or add an existing distribution group.

When you have added a lot of names to your Contact List, it's convenient to view them in groups. When you want to send a message to several contacts at once, it's convenient to send it once, to a group. Communicator 2007 makes that easy. Easier still, you can add an existing distribution group of e-mail addresses from Outlook to Communicator.

Creating a contact group takes only seconds. Here's what you do:

  1. Click the Show menu button Button image, point to Tools, and then click Create New Group.
  2. Type a name for the group and press ENTER.

To change a group's name later, right-click the name and then click Rename Group. You can also right-click any group name to see the Create New Group command.

You can drag names from the Contact List into the group. As you saw earlier, you can use the Add a Contact wizard to assign a new contact to a group when you add someone to your Contact List.

Add a distribution group     Sometimes the group you need already exists in Outlook, as a distribution group. Adding it to your Contact List is a simple process.

  1. In the Search box, type the display name or e-mail address of the distribution group.
  2. Drag the distribution group from the Search Results pane to your Contact List. To see the names of the group members, click the group name.

You can change the members of a contact group, but you cannot change the members of a distribution group, because it doesn't belong to you. You can add a distribution group to a contact group.

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