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Open XML II: Editing Documents in the XML

Correct size information for replaced images

If the size of the replacement image is distorted, you will see a difference in the Scale percentages for height and width that appear in the Size (or Size and Position) dialog box.

When you replace an image file as described on the previous screen, all placement and formatting information is retained, including the size of the original image in the document. So, if the replacement image has different proportions from the original, the replacement image may appear distorted.

You can change the image size wherever it is referenced in the applicable document parts. However, in this case, it is usually faster to make the change in the document. Even if you need to make this change, you still save time when the image appears several times throughout the document, because you do not have to place or format the image in each case.

To correct the size with the document open in the applicable Office 2007 program, do the following.

  1. Right-click the picture and then click Size or Size and Position.
  2. In the dialog box that opens, click to disable Lock Aspect Ratio.
  3. Change the Height or Width Scale percentages as appropriate so that the two values match.
  4. Click to enable Lock Aspect Ratio.
  5. Close the dialog box.

Note    If you prefer to change the size in the XML, you must calculate the specific height and width that you need. Picture size measurements are stored in the XML as specific size values, not percent of the original size. The values are stored in a tag named ext or extent and are measured in EMUs (English Metric Units). One inch equals 914,400 EMUs; one point equals 12,700 EMUs.

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