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Animations I: Preset and custom animation

Custom Animation task pane showing two effects that have been applied to the slide master rather than the slide

Callout 1 The light gray effects "Master: Title" and "Master: Body" in the Custom Animation task pane represent effects on the slide master.
Callout 2 To modify the effects, click one of the effects in the list, display its drop-down menu, and click Copy Effects to Slide. You can then modify the effects for the slide.

Before you move to the practice for this lesson, here are some important points about customizing a preset animation scheme:

  • If you apply a preset scheme to all slides, the scheme effects are put on the slide master, which is a kind of style template for all your slides.
  • If, by contrast, you apply a scheme to selected slides, the scheme effects apply only to the slides themselves and aren't put on the master. They can be modified directly when you open the Custom Animation task pane.
  • To access effects that have been placed on the master, click the Copy Effects to Slide command within the task pane.

Note     It's possible, and advisable sometimes, to go directly to the master to modify or remove effects. This will be discussed at length in a later course.

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