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Playing sound

"Stop" options for a sound file

Setting a sound to play beyond a mouse click:
Callout 1 The inserted sound as it appears in the task pane's list of effects. Click the down arrow on the sound effect...
Callout 2 display its menu. Click Effect Options on the menu.
Callout 3 Set the sound to stop after the current slide, or specify the total number of slides it should play through.

Once your sound is inserted (and therefore has a start setting), there may be no more you need to do to it. If it's short and sweet, it'll play once, in the way you've set it, and be over.

But, if the sound is a musical bit or effect that you want to play continuously during your slide (or beyond) as you click other things, you need to specify when it should stop. Otherwise, it will stop the next time you click the slide for any reason (such as to start an animation or go to the next slide).

Set a stop option

Stop options are available in the Custom Animation task pane. You set many options for the sound in this pane because a sound is comparable to an animation effect and can be set to work with animation and other media effects here.

The default is to stop the sound on mouse click (if it hasn't yet played through). The other two options here stop it after:

  • The current slide.
  • The number of slides you specify.

For these options to work, the sound needs to be as long as the display of the slides specified.

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