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Hear and see your contacts with Office Communicator

Office Communicator facilitates conference calling

Communicator 2007 makes phone conferencing easy.

Communicator 2007 is designed to support the way you usually communicate with others. For example, using Communicator 2007, you might start an IM conversation with a colleague and then invite another person into the conversation. When you invite a third person into the IM conversation, you create an ad-hoc conference. After you start the conference, you can invite others or seamlessly add audio and video communication modes to the conversation, without leaving the Communicator Conversation window.

Communicator 2007 offers a variety of possibilities for conducting conferences. For example, for informal communications, you can have conferences with your coworkers by using Communicator 2007. For more formal presentations that require slides or application sharing, you can escalate a Communicator 2007 conference into a Microsoft Office Live Meeting conference.

In this lesson, you'll learn how to start a multiparty IM session. You'll also learn how to start an ad-hoc conference and an audio or video conference. In addition, you'll learn about scheduling conference calls by using Office Outlook.

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