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So that's how! Great Outlook Calendar features to make time work for you

Non-adjacent days shown in Date Navigator and Calendar

You can show nonadjacent days by holding down CTRL while you click the numbers for the days in the Date Navigator.

Suppose you need to reschedule an appointment and you need to compare days with nonadjacent dates. Or, maybe you want to schedule something on a Tuesday, but you want to find a Tuesday in an week that's not so busy. As we've shown in the picture, you can display nonadjacent days in the calendar by selecting them in the Date Navigator.

Need to book an appointment six weeks from today? It could be helpful to see week numbers to help you figure out exactly which week is the one that's six away from the current one. You can display week numbers in the Date Navigator to help. When you do this, week 1 is the week that contains the date January 1. We'll show you how to display weeks and give you some practice using these features in the practice session, which is coming up next.

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