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Introduction to Office Communicator 2007

Communicator Contact List and options to select a view of contacts

Select a view of your contacts that provides the information you want.

Like contact groups, different views of your contacts make it easy to see what you need and to communicate quickly with other people. You can see who's available now, and you can tell Communicator 2007 to inform you when somebody's availability changes. If you work most of the time with a few contacts, you can show their names above the rest. You know how you work best, so you choose what suits you.

To change the way you view contacts, click the Change the way you view your contacts button Button image and then select a view from the menu.

To show up to 10 recent contacts as a group at the top of the Contact List, click Show Recent Contacts.

To sort your contacts by their availability, click Sort Contacts by Availability.

To see which of your contacts you have tagged, click Tagged Contacts.

What does tagging mean? Communicator 2007 can alert you when a contact's availability changes — if you have tagged the contact. To do that, right-click the contact in the list, and then click Tag for Status Change Alerts. A star will appear next to the contact name. Selecting the Tagged Contacts view lets you see which of your contacts you have tagged. This feature is very useful for communicating with busy people who are especially important to you.

To view contacts by access levels, click Access Levels.

Note     You'll learn about access levels later in this course.

If you choose to view contacts by tags or access levels, you won't see the complete Contact List. To see the complete list again, you'll need to select that option on this menu.

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