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Present your project in Word, PowerPoint, or Visio

Copy Picture dialog box

To copy the image as a GIF, click To GIF image file, and then click Browse to specify the location you want to save the image to.

Once you've set up your project the way you want it to appear, you'll need to create an image to place on your Web page.

You'll start by using the Copy Picture dialog box (Report menu) to create an image, which you can then add to a Web page using an HTML editor.

First, specify how you want the image rendered.

Web option

Typically, for a Web page you will want to create a Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) image. A GIF image, or GIF, is a compressed graphics file format that Web browsers can display as inline graphics. GIFs are widely used for transmitting images across the Internet.

Other options

  • To create an image that is enhanced for display on a computer monitor screen with colors and formatting intact, click For screen.
  • To create an image that is enhanced for printing with formatting intact and Gantt bars, for example, clearly displayed with distinct colors, shapes, and patterns, click For printer.

Note     If you choose For screen or For printer, the image will be copied to the Office Clipboard. You'll have to switch to another program where you can then paste the Project information.

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