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Excel Services II: Requirements, recommendations, and permissions

An animated example of how to change library permissions.

Adding someone to the Viewers group may work for a brand new user of the site. But other people may already have existing permissions on the site that let them edit files. What if you don't want all of those people to edit a particular file?

If you have a separate library set up, you can change permissions for the one library, and not the entire site. After that, people who can edit files in other libraries will still be able to do that. But they will not be able to edit files in this library.

In the animated example you are about to see, two people who you want to revise files will be given permission directly to edit files in the library. People in the Members group will have their permissions changed so that they cannot edit files in the one library.

Click the word Play above this picture to learn how to do this.

Animation description

In a SharePoint Document Library, the cursor points at Settings, clicks Document Library Settings, and then clicks Permissions for this document library.

To add the names of people who can edit files, the cursor points at New, and then clicks Edit Permissions. The cursor clicks OK in the message that appears the first time library permissions are edited, saying that from now on changes made to the permissions of the parent site will not affect this document library.

The cursor points to New, clicks Add Users, and names are entered in the Users/Group box. The cursor selects the Contribute check box, clears the Send welcome e-mail to new users check box, and clicks OK.

To change the group permissions for this library only, the cursor selects the Members check box, points to Actions, clicks Edit User Permissions, clears the Contribute check box, selects the View Only check box, and then clicks OK.

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