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Animations I: Preset and custom animation

Selected item in the task pane with options for it called out

Changing an animation effect.
Callout 1 Select the effect you want to change.
Callout 2 In the Modify section, you see settings for the applied effect (here, that's Curve Up). Change any of these.
Callout 3 To replace the applied effect with another, choose a different effect on the Change menu.

Here's the straight skinny on two important tasks.

Change an effect

To replace one effect with another, select the effect in the effects list (see the picture on the left), then click the Change button Button image to expand its menu and submenu, and choose a new effect from the menu.

Tip     Another way to select the effect in the effects list is to click the corresponding order number for that effect on the slide.

Add an effect

To add an effect, click the thing on the slide that you want to animate — the title, subtitle, picture, or whatever. The Change button Button image turns into the Add Effect button Button image, and you choose an effect from its menu. You'll do this in the practice that follows.

Note     If effects have been added to the slide master, which is what happens when you apply a scheme to all slides, the effects must be copied to the slide before you can make changes to them on the slide. There's more on this later in the lesson.

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