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Hear and see your contacts with Office Communicator

Communicator window with controls

Communicator 2007 window.

You can use Communicator 2007 to make several types of audio calls, such as computer-to-computer calls or computer-to-phone calls. Communicator 2007 enables you to make outbound audio calls and receive calls by using your computer or your traditional phone.

To locate a contact to call, you can search for the contact's name in the Search Results pane, or you can call a contact directly from your Contact List. You can also type a number in the Search Results pane to make a call. You can also use Communicator 2007 to initiate conference calls.

You can receive audio calls from your contacts in several ways. You can take the audio call yourself or forward it to another number or to a voice mail number. You don't need any special hardware or software to use the audio features of Communicator 2007. Communicator 2007 automatically detects your available audio devices, such as built-in or external microphones and speakers or even a USB or Bluetooth device. To choose alternate devices or to adjust volume levels, run the Set Up Audio and Video Wizard before making a call.

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