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Save time with templates

Save content in one clean template, not multiple documents

Unsure which document has latest changes? Create a template, and always make updates in one place.

Sticking with the example of an invoice document, here are some things you'd gain by turning the document into a template:

  • You wouldn't have to search through various document versions, looking for particular and most recent changes. They would all be stored in the template.
  • Since a template opens up a copy of itself as a fresh, new document, you wouldn't have to worry about accidentally saving over one of your previous invoices.
  • You could alter the template's content so that it contained only that information you wanted for every single invoice. This way, you would not always have to delete outdated information, and that would save you time and bother.
  • By taking out the obsolete content, you'd reduce the chance of saving and accidentally sending out an invoice with unwanted information.
  • The template would always be in the same location in Word, with all your other templates.

Let's walk through the process of creating and using your own template.

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