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Header and footer basics

Example of typical header and footer

Typical header and footer information: a document title, file name and path, and page number.

If you're unsure what we mean by headers and footers, think of the way pages are formatted in a book. Typically, the book's title appears at the top of one page, and the title of the current chapter appears at the top of the facing page. At the bottom of every page is the page number.

These textual details are headers and footers, and they have a similar application in Word documents. Most commonly, you want page numbers throughout a document. Other information might be the document's title, author, and print date; your company's name and e-mail or Web address; and the document's file name and the path to its location.

There's no prescription for what goes into a header and footer. In your Word 2007 document, you can create the headers and footers you want.

Continue on to find out how.

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