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Create and use your own Electronic Business Card

Add and Remove buttons in Edit Business Card dialog box

As we just mentioned, when you enter information in the contact form, Outlook puts that information on the business card. Specifically, you type information in fields on the contact form and Outlook displays that information (known as the values for those fields) on the business card. For example, when in the contact form you enter information in the Full Name, Company, and Job Title fields, you'll see that information on your business card.

The fields that appear on the business card are listed in the Edit Business Card dialog box, under Fields (shown on the right side of the picture).

You can change which fields are displayed on your card by adding or removing them from the Fields list:

Callout 1 To add a new field to the list and display its content on the card, click Add and select from the list of available fields.
Callout 2 To keep a field from being included with the card, select its field name under Fields and click Remove. If you decide you want to add it back, all you need to do is click Add and select it from the list.

Note   ¬†Space on the card is limited. You may have more fields listed under Fields than will fit onto the card.

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