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Introduction to Office Communicator 2007

Search for a contact or add a contact by using a wizard

Callout 1 Search for a contact to add …
Callout 2 … or add a contact by using a wizard.

Let's say you need to be in constant touch with your manager, William Lyon. To add him to your Contact List, you can search for William and drag his name from the search results to the list. Here's what you do:

  1. In Communicator 2007, type the name or e-mail alias in the Search box and press ENTER. Search results will include all matches in your company and in other companies that share contact information and communications systems with your company.
  2. Drag the name from the Search Results pane to the Contact List. And that's it.

Since William is your manager, you probably know his e-mail address already. When you don't need to search for a contact, you can add the name directly, using the Add a Contact wizard.

  1. Click the Show menu button Button image, point to Tools, and then click Add a Contact. The Add a Contact wizard starts.
  2. Select Use an e-mail address or sign-in address and click Next.
  3. Enter the e-mail address and click Next. A message appears that the contact has been added.
  4. The wizard offers to add the new contact to a contact group. You'll learn more about contact groups soon.

When you add a contact to your Contact List, Communicator 2007 sends a message to that person as a courtesy.

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