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Animations I: Preset and custom animation

Effects options dialog box with a sound selected and the menu displayed for dimming or hiding text

Callout 1 Make a sound punctuate the entrance of bulleted items or just one culminating item.
Callout 2 The After animation list gives choices for dimming or hiding.
Callout 3 Click a color that a line of text will "dim" to when a subsequent line displays.
Callout 4 Alternatively, hide text after the effect for it plays.

Other options are to choose a sound and either hide or dim an element after it displays.

Sound     If you want a sound to accompany an effect, choose one in the Sound box. A sound might help to make a point and can definitely add entertainment value.

Dim or hide     The dim and hide effects are effective for directing audience focus. Use them when you're revealing information line by line: text for one line dims or hides when you introduce the next line, drawing attention to the new point.

Dimming vs. emphasis     So how is this dimming option different from using an emphasis effect, such as glowing or a color change, for text? Emphasis is geared for something that you want to stand out. An example: your whole bulleted list is already shown, but you want each item to stand out when you come to that point. You apply an emphasis effect that turns the text another color (on mouse click) when you're ready to discuss that point.

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