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Create your own template

Steps for applying background

Use options in the Background dialog box to apply a background to the template.
Callout 1 To open the dialog box, on the Format menu, click Background.
Callout 2 In the Background dialog box, click the arrow in the box under Background fill.
Callout 3 Either select a different background color for slides in your show (the current background is selected), or...
Callout 4 Fill Effects to add gradient colors, a texture or pattern, or a graphic as a background.

One of the most profound ways to give a look or feel to your template is to use a background image.

The picture on the left shows you a list within the Background dialog box that offers color choices for a background, and choices for other effects.

Not so obvious here is that you can select a graphic to apply as the background. You get to that option by clicking Fill Effects, and then clicking the Picture tab.

In the practice session, you'll complete steps to use a graphic as a background. You'll also see how to prepare the graphic so that it's washed out (by adding transparent effects) and makes a good background.

Note    This course assumes that you'd apply a background image first and then select your color scheme to work well with it. You might prefer to decide on your color scheme first, though (more about colors, next section).

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