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About nesting functions within functions
Article In certain cases, you may need to use a function as one of the arguments of another function. For example, the following formula uses a nested AVERAGE functio...
Excel 2003
Designate valid cell entries
Article In many worksheets that you create, users will enter data to get the desired calculations and results. Ensuring valid data entry is an important task. You may w...
Excel 2003
Find cells that have data validation
Article You may want to easily locate which cells in a worksheet have data validation. Perhaps you inherited a worksheet to update that a former employee developed, or ...
Excel 2003
General ledger (multiple tabs)
This template has separate worksheet tabs to manage your various expense accounts, which automatically roll up into a monthly expense sheet. Monthly expenses ar...
Remove data validation
Article You can remove validation on a cell in Excel 2003 so that users are no longer required to enter information or information formatted in specific way.
Excel 2003
Article Show All Hide All Adds the cells specified by a given criteria. Syntax SUMIF ( range , criteria ,sum_range) Range      is the range of cells that you want evalu...
Excel 2003