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Video: Open a PerformancePoint Web Part in a new window
Video Learn how to open a PerformancePoint Web Part in a new window, explore some of the things you can do in the new window, and how to close the window when you are...
SharePoint Server 2010
Video: Export a PerformancePoint report or scorecard to PowerPoint
Video Learn how to export a report or scorecard from a PerformancePoint dashboard to Microsoft PowerPoint, and learn some tips and tricks for working with the report ...
SharePoint Server 2010
Video: Print a PerformancePoint dashboard or Web Part
Video Learn how to print a PerformancePoint dashboard or a Web Part, such as a scorecard, analytic grid, or pie chart. Find out how to make adjustments in Print Previ...
SharePoint Server 2010
Video: Overview of PerformancePoint dashboard elements
Video Take a tour of a PerformancePoint dashboard and its various elements. Learn about Web Parts, filters, page navigation, and report types. See how you can do some...
SharePoint Server 2010
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