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Video: Embed a video
PowerPoint 2010
Video: Check accessibility of a PowerPoint 2010 presentation
Video If you are sharing your presentation with others, it’s a good idea to ensure it’s accessible to people who may have difficulties with vision, hearing or other c...
PowerPoint 2010
Video: Open and work with multiple presentations
Video Watch this video to see how Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 enables you to open, view, and work with multiple presentations at the same time. This feature is new to P...
PowerPoint 2010
Video: Duplicate PowerPoint animation effects with Animation Painter
Video If you have many objects that you want to animate in a presentation, applying animation to each one might be a laborious task. Use Animation Painter in PowerPoi...
PowerPoint 2010
How to go from B&W to color in a seamless transition slide in PowerPoint
Video A really cool visual effect for any graphic slide in your presentation , and extremely easy to learn and apply! From BrainyBetty.Com
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